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Kilcullen Projectis Always looking for non profits who will benefit from our  fundraising

if you, or someone you know has a 501(c)(3) organization and would benefit from a financial donation, email us an essay with 500 worDS or less on why we should pick your organization.  

We are looking for info about why and what you do, how you help the community, and what makes you a good fit with our goals and mission.  Have fun with it...because we want to have fun reading all aboutYOU!

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The 2015 Recipient application period is now closed.  All applications will be considered for 2016's selection.

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What's up with the dandelions???

​Most see a dandelion in their yard and hit it with weed killer before it spreads.  Dandelions are nothing but weeds pock-marking the otherwise beautiful landscape.  Aren't they?  Chris thought otherwise.  He saw the flower through the weeds.  Chris was able to see the beauty in the otherwise discarded, hated weed and appreciate the flower that it bore.  This is how Chris also went about his interactions with people.  Chris was able to see through the weeds and the evil and hate and focus on the flower each person has inside.  He encouraged countless people to hold up their flowers.  As we carry on with the Kilcullen Project, we intend to blow on some dandelions and spread some seeds of goodwill, just like Chris did.  

2015 Recipients